Artist Biography:
It all began in 1952, when a son was born to a humble couple in Detroit, Michigan.  Having two daughters already, they were happy to welcome a boy to the growing family.  The father was proud that his son exhibited athletic prowess at a young age, but John also possessed a talent for drawing the things that interested him most.

By the time he was 12, John was in business selling pencil portraits of the Beatles to his classmates and earned is first commissioned assignment, rendering a companyís logo in pen and ink. While attending Cass Technical High, in Detroit, John studied a commercial art curriculum, including free-hand and figure drawing, watercolor painting, sculpture and printmaking, graduating with honors.

Though he was never driven by a passion for art, John always utilized his abilities to earn a living. About a year out of high school, John became passionate to customize motorcycles and cars, so he taught himself the finer points of spray painting and airbrushing.

Eventually he decided to move west with his wife and son in search of a warmer climate.  After settling in the San Diego area he switched careers and entered the field of sign art and graphic design, and attended La Jolla Academy of Advertising Art. After seven exciting and fulfilling years, in California, and two more children, John moved his family to Florida, to work for the Walt Disney Company.

Through 21 years at Disney, John has continually sought the ideal outlet for his artistic talent. Designing company logos and hand-lettering vehicles, painting residential and commercial murals and faux finishes, just didnít achieve the artistic fulfillment he yearned for.

Currently, painting on canvas, John is quickly establishing himself as an artist of the highest caliber. His exhibited, life-like paintings and drawings are often mistaken for photographs. Patrons of the arts are stunned by his unique style, rendering beautiful women in black and white with an accent of color.

John and his wife enjoy traveling extensively in the U.S., focusing on the beauty of the countryside and the people around them, giving inspiration and contemporary ideas for future creations.

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